Thursday, May 31, 2012

Your Beauty is Everywhere

You are so beautiful just the way you are 
                                The reflection shows your revolution
Of your image and the sound of your voice 
                                  Is replicated a million times in the leaves
All around you is the love and life
                                  You just have to look up from your hands
Mother Earth supplies the validation
                                   And I supply the tender kisses

Monday, May 28, 2012

Plastered Bruises

Hollowed between gravity and compulsion
Plastered by square unrequited layers
Fashioned within accidental lessons
Paralyzed in the moment when all was lost
Make the mind travel when the body denies
No one can see, but I'm covered in bruises

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revolutionary Road

Take me down the revolutionary road
Where the revolutionary people
Are laughing revolution

Let me breath a revolutionary air
See a revolutionary world
Filled with revolutionary smiles

Let me find a revolutionary love
With a revolutionary woman
Our hands clasped in the revolution

I want to dance in the revolution
With revolutionary music playing
Our hands reaching up for revolution

I want to hear revolutionary kisses
And deep hugs of revolution
On the revolutionary road

Careening Tickertape

The ticker-tape of madness
Weathered my driftwoods
Ribbons of poverty and strife
Careening in every direction all at once
I have fallen apart
Where are my parts

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lead Me Away

So desperate for the honey
I would lick the sharpest blade
Feeling myself, crumble, slowly away
Made of flimsy, lumped, papier-mâché
The aches pervade, my deepest insane
My mangled tongue, has, nothing left to say
Lost my way, in the olive tree's shade
On the nymph's path, to the solemn glade
My heart was misplaced, somewhere in the rains
This was the only thing, that I had left to trade
Extending my hand, someone please lead me away
Our clasp, will wither the afraid, of our sadly made charade

Monday, May 21, 2012

Poem Stained Pond

The winds, carry my whimpers
Which, are muffled by bramble
Too naked, to conceal my ignominy
Jagged pieces, of my optimism
Trickling, into my palms
Our sapling, burns in muddle
The pond, stained with my poems

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Fool

The fool, cannot stop speaking
Blinded, by sentimental zest
On the concretes, he is weeping
Misplaced, within zealousness
The fool, cannot stop feeling
Following the bird’s flight
Open wound, never healing
Terrified of every night

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gossamer Roar

My boughs, comprehend
Circumscribe, your core
Tresses, of your mane
Dancing away, my inure
Imbibing, scents arcane
The gossamer, endure
Tickle, quivered flames
Encircle me, with roar

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paint Your Praxis

Trudging through life
As your subconscious
Steals back unjustly
Your treasured memories

Trapped in the now
With a future ringing
Impending sense of doom
And a past lingering
Terrible regrets

Clutch the brush
And continue to manifest
Your reality
Paint your praxis

Monday, May 14, 2012

Twist Into Me

Twisting slowly into me
Place your heart on my beat
This time we seize, my sweet
Laying amorously, among the
Crumbling shells on the beach

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Hear You, I Hear You...

I hear you. I hear you. I will tell others to hear you
I feel the weight of a million tears and I cannot walk alone.
Give me the strength to continue what I must do.
Lend me the backs of the workers who toil in the fields
Lend me the endurance of the mothers who bear the youth
Lend me the lucidity of the old to endure
A fucked up twisted world where happiness is a lie
Lend me the power of the young's optimism
Lend me the tortured moans of the lover's cries
Lend me the patience of the indigenous to survive
Inspire me with the slogans of resistance
Give me the chance, the opportunity
To transform the system that oppresses us
The system, which casts us by thread 
Steals our lives and hope for a better day
Wrap me in the unconditional love and whisper away
I hear you...I hear you...I will tell others to hear you

Shattered Pieces

Carefully I place the shattered pieces
on a tapestry of shimmer.
No glue will repair the damage
so I hold them and imagine it whole.
I keep the shards in the cloth 
tied with strands of her hair
Until I am strong enough
to face my consciousness 
Turning my wet eyes to the sky
Hoping to suspend another moment

Lullaby For Futures

Oh bright eyed baby,
Close your eyes
Sleep, deeply
To your mama's lullaby
Drink milk, from her breasts
And nest, in my loving arms
My love will always linger
The future of the world
Is in your tiny fingers
Sleep, sleep, my sweet
In your quiet bliss
You made me stronger
Then when I was young
Close your eyes and sleep
And hear my song to you
I promise little one
To tell you the truth
To feed you veggies and fruit
I promise little one
To give you the tools to live
To teach you to love and give
I will be better then those who came before
I will not make the same mistakes
I will love you more
Sleep deeply little one
And dream of a better world

Stand Firm

Stand firm!
Students of the world
Stand Firm
In sustained stoic resolve
These world problems
Will soon be ours to solve
Fighting for our
Right to an education
While doing hard time
In this symbolic prison
Stand firm
Against police predation
Bureaucratic untruths
Cannot stop arts creation
We out number you,
Just give us a reason
With Bureaucratic violence
You teach us about legalisms
We have the pedagogy
To change this system
You just give out degrees
That represent time and money
Although we study the past,
We live right here
Never fear the danger
March in rhythm
Scream with anger
Chant with optimism
Confront them together
When they beat
You with baton blows
And the tear gas
In the wind blows
Remind them
That you are their youth
And then let
The burning bottles go
Fight against
The fascist tactics
That they use
To try take control
Drink of our solidarity
Fight for the front
Drive out the trolls
And make sure in waters
You dip your bandannas
Look out for impostors
Maintain your stamina
Brothers and sisters
You cannot get lost
If you have no place to go
Stand firm
Students of the world
Stand firm!

Heart Touching Mine

I am not a child anymore my love, I know nothing is forever
Life is so cruel to some of us, slaves us with different fetters
And the heart’s strings we tie, far too easily sever
My fumbling words try to close the gap of the crevasse
But they don’t go nearly far enough
Mouth throwing my emotions at the chasm,
Fell so deeply in love with you, I could not have imagined
Sifting quicksand, wiggling under our feet, scratching inside, these unsatiated desires
As we drift slowly and painfully, by delusion, and all the fakes and liars,
Today I feel broken, as I am doomed to fail, imprisoned in a doomed romantic tale
Our love is freedom, but I know it sometimes can also feel like jail
I will never be your bars, never the steel, that makes you feel caged
I will never be your frustration, the object, of your depression and rage
Put your hand in mine, and let us pretend
That we do not know the way the story ends
Talking away the night to sleep, always feels so right to me
I always want for you the best
Even if it means in the end, I get less
I will carry my love for you for the rest of time
Dreaming of your body sleeping next to mine
I do not want to control your life,
Just to be the last thing you think of at night
Regardless of what you decide,
I hope a little piece of me always stays inside
When I take a deep sigh, and close tight my eyes
I see my soul mate
The woman...I searched for all this time
I see your beautiful face and smile in my mind
I hear your laughing and your voice,
And your heart touching mine