Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Collective Pain

Is the world beautiful or disfigured?
This depends on the color of your skin
What does your environment look like?
It is contingent on the location your in
Of your body and the name of your country
What are your options, what are your possibilities?
Moreover, the socio-economic class that you fill?
1200 billionaires and 20 million millionaires
Own most of the world, most of the land and water

For how long can we play the role of victim?
In the theatre of suffering and inequality
Our consent sewn into our brows by coercion
Corporations prop up politicians, which just come and go
The state does not need shadows to do its dirt
The wicked are applauded for their violence  

Reading the capitalists explain, why the system is dysfunctional
They speak of spending exhaustion, talking about wealthiest
Who are tired of buying and purchasing what they never need
How can they tell us that the trickle down works?
When so many suffer from inequality and poverty
Contradictions built into the foundation

Every time we flush the toilet, filled with drinking water
We think of the people who walk for miles to dirty wells
What connects us, other then our collective suffering
This pressure on us, is not the kind that makes pearls
But the type, that crushes our minds and bodies to a pulp
Who will pull the sled filled with revolutionary dreams?
Whose back is strong from turning the wheel of pain?

Fast Food Mystics

Clenching spiral talismans in an rutted staggered gait
Our mantras disregard the third eyes as somehow deficient
Whereas spreading the scent of smoking sage into the wind
Whilst nudity resembles naught to eunuchs and mystics
What transiting modish hollowness requires rediscovering?
Crumpled within the greasy fast food wrappers of absurdity
Discarded alongside the audacity of someday and someway