Sunday, February 23, 2014

The System Was Never Broken It Was Built This Way

is wasting away, 
my labor goes to pay
Thought I had, 
nothing more to say, 
acting cray
Will I survive another day? 
Everywhere is this game, 
that, I refuse to play
Make my name,
off someone else name
It’s a shame, poverty stains
Stop dreaming 
of running away
You ain’t got a choice, 
but to stay
This life is rough but
I’d never trade
I see you always lying
Soon, it all begins to fade
All my dues are paid, 
but I got debts, 
that won’t never go away
Everyone’s bald and fat, 
but I still weigh the same, 
I still ride the train
I still carry the flame
Fucking wingnuts
I know who to blame, 
went to school, 
but I'm still a wage slave
I can't be trained
Fuck the fortune, 
and fuck the fame, 
This capitalist life
is always pained
My pockets,
always lame, 
my bank account is drained
My class is always framed, 
crack the whip once, 
and the rebels are tame
Historically a blip, 
My generation blamed, 
we need to make it plain
Everybody suffering, 
can we take the strain? 
Times is moving too fast
People in too much pain
Elders pass the flame, 
to those who stayed sane
Feet on the ground, 
ear to the sounds, 
still not prayin’
Started at the bottom, 
still at the bottom, 
no lose—no gain
Never forgot, 
from where from I came, 
This poverty just
still looks the same
Walking forward
Directly into the flame