Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Tiger and the Hare

We all exist, as we are cornered
Chained together in a tiny room
With no windows or doors
Facing off, antagonistically
As we don't have any control
Over whom we associate with
Acting if our relationships
Are battles to the death
Instead of connections of vivacity
Everybody thinks you have to
Gird your loins against all
Let no one into your citadel
Tearing apart anyone who
Knows your secret places
The coiling paths, the vague corridors
The creaking and shuddering
Inner doors, so embarrassingly
Opened, in acts of vulnerability
The violence of our fangs
And the spattered blood of others
Covering the walls of our limitations
We are diluted, by the wretchedness
Of our delusions and mistakes
Every choice we make, is real
The ripple of the skipping stone
Echoes beyond the moments
We convince ourselves we steal
Our hearts are not prisons
Our loves are not wardens
Our friendships are not battles
Our bonds are not fetters
We will not fight for
The amusements of the elite
If you want to see us rip 
Each other to shreds
Do what you may
We outstretch our necks
Together, but we will not 
Kill each other for you