Thursday, June 7, 2012


I am the sympath,
I am the empath
Lithe planetary body
Tugging on all threads
Psychometric visions
Every suffering my observation
My tendrils tickle five dimensions
Born a worker, even my essence toils
Carrying the weight, bearing the load
My solidarity will always be with the masses
My toes touching the mighty world tree
Listening to the collective voice tremble
Pollen in the wind, overwhelmed
Becoming our worst enemy, our only enemy
Too scared, even to breathe
Helpless, to act in the face of oppression
However, capable of love, of sensation
Of joy and happiness, of laughter
Buried under a mountain of shame
For you, for the future, I will
Withdraw the depression, the self-hate
Imprison it within me, with all the rest
My cells become cells
Where your jailed humiliation screams
My bones incarcerate your injuries
My hair becomes the dungeon for all heartbreak
My nails confine your regret and misery 
Even while I sleep, my arms search for agony
Clawing deep into honeyed grief’s thickness
To collect your tears, to seize all your fears
Revolution is clearing the path for others
Teaching the world followship
Face the cliff, dance on the ledge
Don't be scared to fall
There is freedom down there
Look me in the eyes and leap
So I can see liberation
I am the sympath
I am the empath