Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Coming Fight

Everywhere, we look, is pain
We a thread, from madness
Under strain, time to confess
Our regret and our shame, let go
Of the self blame, staining our brain
Recognize that this system, is driven by gain
Headed towards more war, and more strain

Everywhere we look, we suffering
Fish hooked, cats straight bluffing
Nothing left, we gonna lose everything
Change is coming, like Nina Simone sings
Driven forward by reluctant delusions
These illusions, are seductively confusing
Money chasing, killing our soul, losing our goals man
Lying faces, unwillingly troll, reality is bland

We drift away, on the crest, of a sneaker wave
Suffocating debts, seems, always bills to pay
I see you, humblebragging, your day away
Projecting some reality, which is entirely fake
Living an illusion, your fucking whole life’s a lie
Wander the city, like a zombie, it’s consumer, suicide

Which side, you better decide, cause, here comes the fight

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