Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Untitled Erasure

Your fingers are like pills,
I become sedate with just one touch
As the shafts of light that
Shatters in our room
comes as a witness to your finest felony
stealing the precession of my moves
Which folds in on themselves
Its a crime that can only be pulled off when one operates with
crippled instinct
all gravity and the seasons lead back to you.
This is where the weight of that gravity
bends each note of my heart stem

I can only hand this truth over to you
That the stars are still indifferent to us 
As they wait for no one behind the lights 
But their indifference is perfect 
Like the last pieces of a dying artist
Who you swore you were going to meet.
Their great 
Great heights
is always
The next stage 
For flaming monks 
In their silence 
Reaching the purist form of escape
From the tyranny of flesh. 
Like these stars
Some night when a rare black out falls over the city
And the glare recedes from view
I will look for you 
to find my way home.