Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Electric Wire Hustle "Again"

Electric Wire Hustle "Again" from Foxtree Studio on Vimeo.

Directed by Vibol Moeung

Produced by Vibol Moeung and David "Taay Ninnh" Wright

Filmed and Edited by Vibol Moeung

Graphic Design by David "Taay Ninnh" Wright

"Again" features on Electric Wire Hustle's self titled album
out now on BBE.

Ship of Despondency

Misplaced in this land
Garbed in our quintessence
In a space where
Everyone has
Too many names
An opulent place where
No one loves themselves
And everyone
Expects we know them
By their riddles and denigrations
Or perhaps their caprices
Merely, in the quickening
When all ships are adrift
Will one heed the
Hearing of their only name
Called out in despondency

Scarves for People Under the Sun

My words, 
are stitched into.
Each other, 
to make images.
However, you.
Do not understand, 
and like, words.
So, my depictions are mislaid.
All the needlework and toil.
From my fingertips.
Lay, mottled and wasting.
Alas, I continue, 
to weave thick scarves.
For the people, 
living under the sun.