Thursday, July 21, 2016

Resist Everywhere You Go

Boss pay me less, I confess
I’m depressed, by capitalism
Fuck this system, no real freedom
All this access, but no historical context
No grasp of the past, no idea what’s next
No steady job, no check, we noose necked
No meritocracy, it’s all about, inequality
Injustice, suffering, and abject poverties
We reject, all your bourgeois philosophies
Protect us, from all your doomed apathy
Western hypothesis, prophecies, of catastrophes

We can only rebel, revolt and rise up
Fists in the air, we seize the government
Eradicate oppression, change our fate
We can’t wait, we need to seize the means
Build a worker’s state, build our dreams
Change the course of things, harness sunbeams
Learn to mean what we say, and say what we mean
Clean the seas, figure out what’s killing the bees
More love, more connection, between you and me

For the rich, its always, the bohemian’s grove,
While the worker gets jail, we locked up in droves
Every year, prison pop grows, ah steady flow
Solitary confinement, mental causalities
Humans, condemned, descent into insanity
Locking people up, throwing away the key
This has got to stop, if even person one isn’t guilty

When the system is fucked, everybody goes free

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