Monday, April 20, 2015

City Weeps

I tend to be, much more lost than found
The voices on the street are selfish songs
In addition, they sound all the same to me
Maintain, try to stay sane and on course
Weary, of the concrete, metal all around
I miss the flowers and the redwood trees
The death of NYC was a sad sight to see
I lived here when she bled out on the streets
Weeping in the city that never sleeps
Over, is the era of Brooklyn, now it's all about Queens

Keep Your Doom

Resist the nihilism
Slow your gluttony
Always study systems
Class war smells like bacon
Keep your doom, scumbag
Radical transformation looming
Find and maintain your human
Whatever the cost or loss
Study the cause of sabotage
Capitalism is a fucking wash
Everyday on trial
Everyone, in denial
For every lie revealed,
Another is lost
Infected by the spittle,
That you cough, gimme swath
I scoff at Nabokov and this
Sadness and sickness,
Just can’t keep it off me
Oppressed to desperation
By the bourgeoisie
While class war
Brews all around me
You may one day
Find yourself, soaring
But lose your connection
Strive to amass wealth, hording
Weapons, for personal protection
No more dystopia
And futures of woe
The future can be better,
Then it was before
Heart became bitter,
Always cold
Like its always winter,
Followed by storm clouds ‘n
Cold dinners
Shivering sleep
The owners deny us,
Happiness and health,
Today may hate you,
But perhaps, tomorrow,
Can be filled with love
Living like this Earth
Just ain’t good enough
Stop hoping sun,
Plant some seeds in the ground
Great leaders go and they come,

But we need you right now