Monday, December 21, 2015

No Heroes, Just Victims

Imperialism is economic cannibalism
Class war, demagogic-ally driven
I’m no denizen, of this evil kingdom
Stigmatize crimson, and steal freedom
Radical left indecision, utterly scattered in schism
Inverted socialism with their capitalist prism
All symptom of a system
Driven by materialism
Even the atheists wait for dictum
No more heroes, everyone plays the victim
Making up shadow foes, you lack the wisdom
Practice praxis, and take your war of situation
Fight against the suction, of hedonistic seduction
On the road to freedom, you’re a fucking obstruction
Overthrowing lords and fiefdoms, its deconstruction
It don’t take Columbo deduction, to see this corruption
Downwards we tumble, poor people pummeled
Get ready for the rumble, smash, make this culture rubble
Our efforts gotta double, fast, while we fight the good struggle
Alas, right next to capitalism, you snuggle
Our mother earth is troubled, in the day you talk the walk
About social change, and how to stop the cops and such
While you lay, you dream of the wealth, fame, and stuff

Sawed Off Mentality

The system falsely claims
Life is a giant game, and
The rule is, no pain, no gain
Stained, with too much blood,
Too much death, too much anti-love
We’re deranged, with frozen hearts
Strain, a little, to get ahead,
Try to feign, try to fake the part
Stacking meaningless figures,
Just aimless goals, aimless souls
Time to take back,
All the shit, they stole
Fingers scraping, down the money hole
The credit, oil, and ore,
Rules the fucking world
The puppet masters,
order us, “to do what yer told”
The poor peoples lay,
shivering, and cold

It’s same shit, different day
Another black man died today,
They killed him right in the open
Murdered by the state, locked up with hate
The whole fucking pen is broken
Where are your tears,
Where is your anger?
All you got is fear,
And a sense of danger
Claim you hate to see people suffer
But steady avoid the news,
and use bullshit as a buffer
Life doesn’t get better, it gets tougher

The youth are dyin,
Everybody poor,
Is on the grind,
Stuck on this ladder with no rungs,
Nowhere to climb,
No fucking breath in our lungs
Plastic smiles,
telling me everything is fine
Surviving off tiny crumbs,
survived all the crimes that we’ve done
In this quicksand, we claw and we twitch,
find a niche that ain’t there
Pay a fare for blank stares
I gotta, sawed off mentality
our souls, cast off in perpetuity
Feels like the end, but it might be the beginning
We may hate our lives, but we still love living

Maintain the Subversion

Return from war, managed, with no blood, on my hands
Ten years of battle, in forbidden lands, according to plan
No vitriol or desire, refusing to cower, no more trance
Never stole the fire, because the ivory tower has none
Left breadcrumbs, never lost sight, of where I am from
Find love, when you finally stopped searching
Gathering my strength, maintain the subversion
My shirt is stained red and my hand is open
I can breathe a little, but I’m still choking
Capitalist zombies, walking dead, we’re still broken
Dark comedy, no one is what they want to be
What is wrong with me, callous fallacies?
I never ever, supported the government
Don’t believe in gods, or anything heaven sent
Disgusted by Hollywood, and the fake world they make
This reality is lewd, profits, the only thing we can create
Don’t listen to the radio, or drink Pinot on cedar patios
Feet in the barrio, desensitized, but yet I still feel
Don’t own a television, not participating is my real