Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In The Face

This cultural impotence is expected,
My back is a broken bridge, and my pockets have no sense
This is no way to live. The people are tense.
The masses tremble, for the academics, we got only contempt
Assemble against bourgeois thievery, and oppression.
Learn from the lessons, of micro-sects, hard lines, and regression.
All this dogma, clogs the arteries, like slices of bacon.
Whole system, based around taking, prole forsaken.
Talk like a radical, live like a capitalist, stop faking.
Too smart to work together, and too stupid to stop in fighting.
Tired of left griping, oppression Olympics, and straight up lying.
We can’t get it up for capitalism anymore, or pretend.
That we're not poor, born in the slums, fend for ourselves.
We've been on the run since we was fetus,
All theory, no action, fucking self defeatist.
All action, no theory, no context, taking risks

We're flattened pigeons, ground into the asphalt.
Born with no optimism, beneath the rusty scaffolds.
Lived during the time of the rich-men, walking among the cuckolds.
While the people are suffering, the rich knuckle us worse
The bloody feathers and bones are soft under his boots.
Cops are just an extension of the state, always been in cahoots.
The city is filthy with the grime of madness, pain and abuse
This daily struggle drains away our goals
Are you still looking around for your nonexistent souls?
Or deeply into your own growing desperation?
What lesson did 6 billion learn? What contemplation?
Stop the delusions of the illusions you chase 
Negate everything, all this bullshit is erased
Find our way through the haze, at a steady pace