Sunday, June 3, 2012

Single Tear of Madness

This madness feels like ecstasy
Confess, sanity never protected us
Pull the pointed psychosis deeply
The pain splinters into everyone
We all cry one fragile tear
Collectively wiping it away
Billions of simultaneous sadnesses
Stored in the darkness with the
Humiliation and heartbreak

The Grist of Dreams

Dreamt, each other into reality
Amalgamation, of everything 
We never knew, we wanted
Fingers intertwined, like vines 
As we plummet, into each others eyes
Screaming, through our skin, in anxiety
Petrified, one of us might not exist
Everything else, has been torn from our grasp
Shattered, ruined, lying at our feet, all the pasts 
Reminding us, we will, never control anything
Fighting, against these nightmares
Dreaming, ourselves into, different realms
To escape, the subconscious beast 
Running, through a billion singularities
Clutching, our essence, and lingering scents  
Embracing, whatever, as we spin into chaos
Maybe, we can no longer ever dream again
For fear, we will dream
Us back, into the nothingness
Or, do we only exist, in the ethereal
Trapped, in the unfolding universe
Fractured, into everything
Overwhelmed, by the infinite
Confused, someplace in the abyss
Lost, everything, except the truth
Which is, as I exist, so do you