Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Immobile Commiseration

Immobile Commiseration

The wax bubbles
Washing away
My troubles
Making me forget,
This fucking hovel
No one is more
Deserving of shit
It’s not a lesson to be poor,
And to serve the rich
No reincarnation
No past life connotations
One life, one world, no nations
Only one stop at the station
Live that precious
Life with passion
And always be brazen
My life curling
In oily clouds,
My immobile
Feeling sabotaged
Revolution folding
Into commiseration
The subdued are due
Isn’t a substitute
Or a rebuke
To a economic dispute
Fickle, with no fortitude
The new world eludes
All but the multitudes
Crippled now
By, spooks and fools

Concrete Viruses

To the urbanites
The few leaves
Only shade
The concrete
And the breeze,
Carries rotten garbage
Madness slithers
Over my itching skin
Nihilism and viruses
Looking for a way in
For an orifice to infect
Wasting time, neglect
Time, oh this
Precious time
Trickling between
My careful fingers
Dazzled by these
Painted so uniformly