Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White Man Sand Castles

White Man going mad
Confronting the loss of his entitlements
Losing the white privileges
Which were always denied
Articulating the unusual feeling of falling
Instead of the pipe dreams of rising
Confrontations with meritocracy
Realizations of reality crumbling
Great disappearance of the
Falsely constructed freedoms
Of the white man’s constitution
Complacency, He never challenged inequality
Championed its functionalism
Until it was Him who suffered
Everyone else’s progress stunted
But He did not ever care about anyone
Even during the end of His system
It has to be all about Him
You, and your anguish, your failures
Your difficulty in the sandbox
That was made for Him to play in
Wielding guns, killing children and women
People of color, and each other
Will the White Man walk away from his sand castle
Or destroy it so no one else can play?
Regardless, the empire will not
Withstand the tides of time