Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Illusively Unglued

Feeling the blues, I’m coming unglued
This chaotic life, got me confused
Everyone pretends, to play by the rules
Reality is, unspoken and cruel
I want to fight side by side, not in a duel
Tangled in this spider web, of subterfuge
You always lose, when you are the stooge
Stop skipping around and find a groove
I don’t want the cray, the swag or the juice
I want to get loose; I want your voice in the booth
I search for liberation, not illusive truth
What’s the use? The tree bears bitter fruit
If you don’t believe, you can’t get duped
Like most people, we live poverty, in a loop
Misplaced my rhythm, but not optimism
Fighting for justice, is a everyday decision
Nothing has luster, when you live, only for substance
Justice, I take a tough stance, fuck chance
With the people I dance, or it’s not my revolution
Capitalism, is a forgone conclusion
In the struggle, lies fusion, in praxis sleeps our solution
What do we pass up to the future?
Outside of a culture completely useless
Trying to make a trillion is so fruitless
And when a million isn’t enough, how stupid
Everything rotten, except us, the roots
The hardest gangsters now, they wear the suits
On the edge of war, I hear synchronized boots

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