Thursday, July 21, 2016

Anger Concealed

When identity, become a jail cell
Dwelling, among the compelled
Living, under this spell
Like nobody will fail
Buying, everything they sell
The only way you excel
Is you get to pick, what’s under the shell
Farewell prick, your end, was a foretell
Leave nothing, except the smell
To the Earth, you fell
In your coffin, I put the last nail
Your life was just, a great betrayal
You, capitalists, will never prevail
This wicked tale, comes to an end, like all tales
Snake eats tail, either we fail or we travail
No avail, to be poor is to live on the third rail
Suffering is hidden, under the veil
Suffering is weak, keep it out of text and emails
I could, regale, with stories how they assail
How they steal, how our youth, they keel
Genocide on the poor, how do we deal
Welfare drying up, no food for a meal
Leaving us, no choice, other to rob and to steal
Born on my knees, and still learning how to kneel
My anger is concealed, my cases are appealed

My end already revealed, I’ll die poor like my peoples

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