Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Arms of Strangers

Everywhere and everytime
My limbs grasp for you
So full of tenderness and desire
Are my lithe and lean arms
In proud recognition of who
You always have been and
Always will be someday
Maybe you can make me understand
Finally know, myself, as a man

Hide away quietly your gloom
However, I know of many things
The strong traces of your body
The flushed tinge of your loving
The blurred edges of your vision
The delicate width of your optimism
Let us burden together please?

Hey woman, beautiful woman
Have I ever told you that
I believe in forever, always?
Even though my mouth
Is rented, and indebted
My arms are always free
To search for you
Even when I dream

Stroll with me, through the blocks
Filled with dust, anxiety and plastic
And at least, we will never be
Enemies, when we speak
Together, wordlessly 
Who says I must lose before 
I find, but your arms?
Who says we need all the
Arms of strangers?

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