Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Worker, Worker

Worker, worker
Always toiling and suffering, never have time
Pain on our face, while we’re telling you fine
Breaking our bodies, working away on the grind
Losing our mind, watching our lives unwind

Worker, worker
Alienated, but force our mouth, to move
So sedated, we can never, find a groove
Exploitation, got us feeling, just like a fool
Never, anything extra, every month, rent is due

Worker, worker
No dirt, under our feet, just dog shit and concrete
Keep us tweaked, keep us stupid, keep us weak
Open your mouth, lock you up, no one taking risks
Worker power, class war, raise your fucking fist

Worker, worker
I’m sorry we never see our kids, I’m sorry
For the bids, the bosses, the landlords, the pricks
Fuck the cops, and they street dictatorships
Lost our vision, we can only see apocalypse

Worker, worker
Shitty food, no immune system, we always sick
Food desert in the hood, all the docs writing ‘scripts
Feeding fast food to the kids, sugar water piss
Into the fucking wind, the poor are left to twist

Worker, worker
Working conditions, shortening our lives
No win situation, the bourgeoisie tells us lies
Stuck in stagnation, no revolution in sight
Try to make it another day, just one more night

Worker, worker
Smash the state, and build something new in its place
No more sectarian shit, no same shit different face
Build a movement, stop your sellout paper chase
Its not just for your family, fight for the Earth and the human race

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