Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Remember Losing My Way

I Remember, 
I Remember
My Way

I believed in peace and love
Laying underneath the universe that spins above
Touching the leaves lightly when I walked
The experimental words my mouth talked
Dancing in the rain, fingers streched to the sky
Pain was a strange thing and I didn't fear dying
Humming songs not yet written
Led by instincts and not indecision
And making art everywhere I existed
I remember when being soft was not sissy
Watching the ants and bees work
Asking everyone questions late into the day
With no concept of time or design
No understanding of the grind to be mine
Laughing until my cheeks hurt
I only knew better and had never met worse
Born a child of Babylon
Not sure, I got the strength to carry on
I did not suspect or protect myself from
The weight that awaited me, this hate has forsaken me
Our roots are deep, stop shaking the branches of the tree

I Remember, 
I Remember
My Way

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