Saturday, June 16, 2012

Love Undercover

We all have a choice,
To ignore the suffering or to stand in unison
To tan under the sun, or to stand to fight with voice and feet
The revolution and the anger
Does not make us, we were born as lovers
This toil will never break us, we love undercover
This battle for oil, has made so many suffer
Human arrogance obliterates the Earth system
This hate
Does not belong to us
The hopelessness in the lives we pursue
The racism and bigotry
This pain and frustration
Does not belong to us
The terror of war and fear of rape, the forsaken youth
The hungry and poor, the love draining into bloody pools
Does not belong to us
The screaming of people in agony is haunting me
Everyday more voices added to the cacophony
Why must the world hurt for our pleasure
Why do we allow everything to die
The warm misery spatters on our eyes
The death and the fixation on pain
My deepest recess is my only escape
A tiny room in the attic of my memory palace
I sit huddled and listen to the pain and terror of the people
The untouchable with no names, shivering along with the millions of cold
Surrounded by the smell of meat and the poisoning of the soil
And the dying stench of our putrid flesh
Gas in the air and the ignorance of your stare
No place to hide from the virus of capitalism
Its tendrils wisping into my psyche
Seducing me...
with infection....
while I sleep

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