Monday, December 21, 2015

Maintain the Subversion

Return from war, managed, with no blood, on my hands
Ten years of battle, in forbidden lands, according to plan
No vitriol or desire, refusing to cower, no more trance
Never stole the fire, because the ivory tower has none
Left breadcrumbs, never lost sight, of where I am from
Find love, when you finally stopped searching
Gathering my strength, maintain the subversion
My shirt is stained red and my hand is open
I can breathe a little, but I’m still choking
Capitalist zombies, walking dead, we’re still broken
Dark comedy, no one is what they want to be
What is wrong with me, callous fallacies?
I never ever, supported the government
Don’t believe in gods, or anything heaven sent
Disgusted by Hollywood, and the fake world they make
This reality is lewd, profits, the only thing we can create
Don’t listen to the radio, or drink Pinot on cedar patios
Feet in the barrio, desensitized, but yet I still feel
Don’t own a television, not participating is my real

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