Friday, May 11, 2012

Heart Touching Mine

I am not a child anymore my love, I know nothing is forever
Life is so cruel to some of us, slaves us with different fetters
And the heart’s strings we tie, far too easily sever
My fumbling words try to close the gap of the crevasse
But they don’t go nearly far enough
Mouth throwing my emotions at the chasm,
Fell so deeply in love with you, I could not have imagined
Sifting quicksand, wiggling under our feet, scratching inside, these unsatiated desires
As we drift slowly and painfully, by delusion, and all the fakes and liars,
Today I feel broken, as I am doomed to fail, imprisoned in a doomed romantic tale
Our love is freedom, but I know it sometimes can also feel like jail
I will never be your bars, never the steel, that makes you feel caged
I will never be your frustration, the object, of your depression and rage
Put your hand in mine, and let us pretend
That we do not know the way the story ends
Talking away the night to sleep, always feels so right to me
I always want for you the best
Even if it means in the end, I get less
I will carry my love for you for the rest of time
Dreaming of your body sleeping next to mine
I do not want to control your life,
Just to be the last thing you think of at night
Regardless of what you decide,
I hope a little piece of me always stays inside
When I take a deep sigh, and close tight my eyes
I see my soul mate
The woman...I searched for all this time
I see your beautiful face and smile in my mind
I hear your laughing and your voice,
And your heart touching mine

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