Friday, May 11, 2012

Stand Firm

Stand firm!
Students of the world
Stand Firm
In sustained stoic resolve
These world problems
Will soon be ours to solve
Fighting for our
Right to an education
While doing hard time
In this symbolic prison
Stand firm
Against police predation
Bureaucratic untruths
Cannot stop arts creation
We out number you,
Just give us a reason
With Bureaucratic violence
You teach us about legalisms
We have the pedagogy
To change this system
You just give out degrees
That represent time and money
Although we study the past,
We live right here
Never fear the danger
March in rhythm
Scream with anger
Chant with optimism
Confront them together
When they beat
You with baton blows
And the tear gas
In the wind blows
Remind them
That you are their youth
And then let
The burning bottles go
Fight against
The fascist tactics
That they use
To try take control
Drink of our solidarity
Fight for the front
Drive out the trolls
And make sure in waters
You dip your bandannas
Look out for impostors
Maintain your stamina
Brothers and sisters
You cannot get lost
If you have no place to go
Stand firm
Students of the world
Stand firm!

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