Friday, May 11, 2012

Sway Like Trees

While the powerful fight each other,
for control
The trolls under the bridge,
demand their toll
Stimulus packages for everything,
but who will stimulate our souls
How about you stop,
some of this poverty
Instead of passing useless bills,
and protecting property
We need more then promises,
to live
Searching in the piss and shit,
for the positive
It takes pressure,
to make sand into a pearl
Not everyone can be special,
in this vast and difficult world
Your just a vessel,
without the oars to row
You can't get lost,
when you have no place to go
You can't lose it,
when you never had control

Fooled into this twisting
and endless quest.
Don't mistake,
your comfort for happiness.
Blaming your leaders,
for your inaction and stress
Your vote,
was no ticket for political absence
When you change those diapers
and work that time for the checks
You be thinking of a future brighter
full of love, peace, and respect
Lest you lose your way
and just plan to hide away
Remember your little extension
is part of a bigger family
Your not alone,
we're just scattered to the wind
You are always home,
as long as the sunlight falls on your skin
Hold my hand,
here comes the wind
We are the trees with deep roots
We will bend, we will live
You will see...
we sway like trees
Sway like trees..

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