Friday, May 11, 2012

Rowing in Contortion

Mistakes are a tangled rope, knotted in the past's regret
Sitting cross legged, desperately searching for a loose end
Blood from fingers, our tears, mix with brow sweat
Pulling at the possibilities as time is frozen and suspends
So many joys and sorrows trapped in the coils to forget
Thousands of silken threads contained in my friend
Is this the twine, which leads to rainbows or shackled net
What drives me to toil on gnarls and whispered amend
Tortured emotions entangled in the thorns of our rosette
Maybe I have become the ligature that prevents our ascend
Somehow my love is the strap in the choking corset
So much reality facing me, but still I continue to pretend
I can not find my way out of this contortion yet

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