Friday, May 11, 2012


Sound the call to all, the righteous can’t rest
No shortage of breath,
We’re saving humanity
From the calamity—of capital,
From the chaos—of profit and loss  
From the cruelty of the crass ass lickers
Who dominate our lives 
From the insane brains who mesmerize—and manipulate
They rule the state, they are the great
Who dominate
Our dreams and means of existence
Are better then theirs
The rich with their wares and heirs
They control us without a fuss
They always will, they win the fight,
Until we have a political party
That gets the dialectics right
The workers and poor
So here's what you need to know about us
Our 12-point program goes like thus
The 12 aspects of life that we affirm to change
Require a workers revolution to rearrange the classes,
We put the workers on top, and throw the bourgeoisie out on their asses
A workers party is born, and the agenda is clear
To represent what the bourgeoisie most fears,
Unionization, the mass action tool
The voice of the worker minus the fools
We strike at the heart of the matter
The workers must vote with their feet
Marching the streets, beating the drums to defeat
The array of foes, as far as it goes,
All the classes are united against us
Our bosses, corrupted or dumb
As a rule of thumb they cause us sorrow
They grind us like sausage
Into the void they throw our lives, like chaff and they laugh
Yes, we demand full employment and housing
This they can never provide
We're on one side, they're on another
Cause all workers are brothers and sisters under the covers
We take from the rich and spread it around
Take the means of production back
No poverty class, no cops to harass
No wretched of the earth, we're all worth it
Lets equal the pay scale, and nail the billionaires bastards who prey on us
Who lay on us like deadweight
Who slay us like gods, like we're interchangeable pods
Lets change them to workers; wipe off their smirks, their airs of distinction
Send the bourgeoisie to extinction!
Generals, creditors, jailers, judges and media fools
The army, the banks and the courts, the media must serve us
The rigorous demands of the people deserve us 
The people rejoice, they say with one voice
We work and we sweat, we pay every debt, we give up our lives
So production abides, and survives, and thrives, and multiplies
So in return, we want from the state
A fair rate of exchange
Extract our labor so dear, our weal and our woe, laughter and tears
But give us free heath care, for those we hold near, the best and the fair
Give us the schools, the knowledge and tools
Give us the theory, give us the freedom to bloom 
And our children to boon, and we want it soon.
And this you shall have, no matter what color, national background
Equality rules, humanity rules, let freedom rule!
The land is ours, too. We work it; we toil, on every acre or blade of grass
Who better to protect our natural world, then us?
How can you profit off the earth like a pimp
From the whales to the tiniest shrimp
All life has value, and shall never be wasted
Just for the greedy tastes of a few miserable owners
The loaners, the creeps with their stocks and bonds
Ad nauseum they hound us, surround us with hype, media types
They sideswipe us, entice us, advise us, connive and confuse us
to ruin our own game, to shit where we eat and ream our selves raw,
Live like the peasants while the rich make the law,
We insist that we manage the wealth of the world
Planning and sharing the work and the pay
Profits and loss, servant and boss? No way!
Like the French once said, it's fraternité, and we say, democracy
No more terror on the job, some decision from above
These pigs give no love
It all must go, the whole bowl of wax, the income tax
The wars, the politician bores, the mega stores that run our lives.
Now we run them, we mind them, we make and take the profits of our labor back
We're the winner, but what about our neighbor? What about the world at large?
We do them a favor and wreck the bourgeoisie flavor
Wherever it shows its evil head, we replace it instead
Until the whole bourgeois culture is finally dead
The world wide class of world class villains
We pull 'em down, their bloated bank accounts
Their bountiful harvest of blood abruptly cancelled
All the scams and the shams, their mindless collusion, their mass confusion
Their balance of power, their golden shower, their final hour.
We shall prevail, we shall assail,
and we’ll curtail their excess, clean up their mess
And hammer a nail into the heart of their session. 

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