Friday, May 11, 2012

I Hear You, I Hear You...

I hear you. I hear you. I will tell others to hear you
I feel the weight of a million tears and I cannot walk alone.
Give me the strength to continue what I must do.
Lend me the backs of the workers who toil in the fields
Lend me the endurance of the mothers who bear the youth
Lend me the lucidity of the old to endure
A fucked up twisted world where happiness is a lie
Lend me the power of the young's optimism
Lend me the tortured moans of the lover's cries
Lend me the patience of the indigenous to survive
Inspire me with the slogans of resistance
Give me the chance, the opportunity
To transform the system that oppresses us
The system, which casts us by thread 
Steals our lives and hope for a better day
Wrap me in the unconditional love and whisper away
I hear you...I hear you...I will tell others to hear you

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